VentureFizz recently interviewed our President and COO as part of their ongoing Lead(H)er series.

In the article you learn about Anne Becket's time as an undergrad at Bowdoin College and how she received her masters in Finance and Economics while abroad in Spain. After she obtained her masters, Anne’s started working as an entry-level analyst at Cogolabs and has grown to become the co-President and COO of Hopjump. She has been a key factor in the growth of Hopjump by meeting with every candidate that comes on-site to ensure they are held to Hopjump's standards as well as a good culture fit. With so much going on, Anne describes her how she reduces stress in her role:

“My strategy is to reduce it as much as possible before it hits. That comes down to two things: hiring the best people I can find, and having clear plans and processes in place for common everyday situations. When things go wrong, some of the time there’s a plan in place that addresses the emergency, and the rest of the time I know that I’m working with the best people I could find, and they’re doing everything they can to remedy the situation. That reduces stress a lot.”

To learn more about Anne’s journey from Bowdoin College grad to becoming the Co-President of Hopjump, check out the full article on VentureFizz.

If you want to be apart of the Hopjump team, check out our open positions on our career page.