At Hopjump we know how important it is to fuel our body with healthy food in order to work to our best potential throughout the day. That's why we have decided to work with a nutritionist, Meg Gerber.

Meg became a Registered Dietitian upon graduation from the University of Connecticut, but was unhappy with the focus on clinical and conventional nutrition. In her senior year of her program she was diagnosed with celiac and found that conventional medicine and her primary care physician were not working for her. Meg decided to to do research on her own and found a passion for holistic nutrition. She found that alternative therapies such as mind-body therapies and herbal support really helped minimize her symptoms. Meg now works at Five Journeys and dedicates her time to helping people who want to learn about how to live a healthy holistic lifestyle.  She came to Hopjump to help revamp our fully stocked kitchen and provides us with nutritious options that allow us to nourish our brains and to keep us healthy.  

Meg comes in about once a month to meet with any individual at Hopjump who would like a 1 on 1 consult. She is here to discuss how to improve daily eating habits or to answer any questions. This way Hopjump will provide the best healthy options that are hand-picked for us by an expert in the field. It is Hopjump’s goal to support our employees in having healthy bodies and minds,  in doing so we will help to ensure that as a team we will move toward achieving Hopjump's success.

Want to meet Meg for a 1 on 1 consult? Or learn how to make some yummy smoothies? Join the Hopjump team by applying to open positions!