This fall has been an eventful season here at Hopjump! We welcomed a new analyst to the paid traffic team and had yet another record-breaking, revenue-driven quarter. Being the spirited office that we are, Halloween was the perfect opportunity to celebrate such an exciting milestone. We had a bunch of pumpkins delivered to the office and carved them after our monthly meeting.

November marked a new tradition at Hopjump...Friendsgiving!  Unsurprisingly, this office of food lovers came through on the promise of potluck. Notable contributions were Nate’s smoked pork butt, Anthony’s meatloaf, and Ben’s brownies. The day was full of board games, Mario Kart, Mai Tais and many heartwarming toasts in which we all agreed how thankful we are to be proud of the work we’re doing and the people we’re doing it with. Take it from us, it's pretty fun to have a glowing answer when family members ask how your job is going at Thanksgiving.

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