Our very own UX developer, Kyle, lead a discussion unveiling new tools Hopjump is using to create a living style guide for our products. Kyle and his team have leveraged React Storybook to increase overall UI development and consistency. All stakeholders were eager to learn about this tool, as it allows them to quickly see what the team is working on and if the interactions are meeting their expectations in an isolated space.

“By building a component in isolation we can quickly see how it reacts in all its different mutations, as well as quickly reference style best practices in the same directory. We do all of this without the need for making external calls and waiting for page reloads. As the style guide grows with the site so will the components themselves. By setting a story up, even if the component is redesigned the reference of that story will change alongside with it.”

The UX and Product Engineering teams were delighted to learn about this tool and many thoughtful questions were asked of Kyle on the implementation, which he happily answered. We can’t wait to use this tool and seeing positive change for the UX and Product Engineering teams!

Looking forward to next week’s learning opportunity at the Dev Discussion Lunch and & Learn!