The Hopjump team is thrilled to announce that Anne Beckett has been promoted to CEO! Anne started off her career at  Cogo Labs prior to spinning out into Cognius, where her team grew the revenue from $0 to $10 million annualized  in just four years. As the driving force of the company’s analytics, she built a team and a reputation for unparalleled execution and operational discipline, accompanied always by thorough and insightful analysis.

In 2018, Anne and Jordan Staab, now president and CRO of Hopjump,  re-focused the entire company, creating a phenomenal business plan laying out the path to success and exactly how they were going to get there. With revenue up 50 percent year-over-year and headcount growth north of 70 percent for the year, the team has been crushing the mission that they are all genuinely excited about.

While at Cogos Labs, Anne helped grow Motovy to $50,000 per day in five months, launching the first Everquote (NASDAQ: EVER) email campaigns, which she grew to $1.4 million annualized in the first three months.

At Hopjump, Anne and her team are focused on connecting consumers with hotels and other travel options and providing them with a 1:1 targeted and personalized booking experience at scale. The company has connected with over 20M travelers and growing.

Congrats Anne!